13th April 2022

Seated at my desk I am suddenly aware of the flitting of humming birds about my large picture windows. Attracted no doubt by the seductive nature of the surrounding greeneries that hold droplets of rain from earlier downpouring’s secure upon their leaves; quite perfect for a tiny, winged creature to sup on the fly. Since my arrival in the Americas I have found their existence quite mesmerizing, magical, a wonderous beast I had previously known existed but could never imagine witnessing almost daily in three dimensions.

An equally memorable experience was my first sight of a pelican, another creature I ever imagined too exotic for casual interaction. I saw my first peering out of the window of a motor vehicle proceeding parallel to the Columbia river in Oregon. Gazing serenely at the waters I was amazed to espy a pelican in flight overtake out speeding vehicle in an effortless display of natural power. I was suitably gob smacked, captivated, enthralled.

Small magical moments unexpected, unqualified, unprecedented.

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