12th April 2022

I try incredibly hard to believe the truths people tell me. This requires me on many an occasion to ignore the multitude of signs, volumes of strong indicators that clearly warn that the tale I am listening too has no reality except in the narrators own private universe. Such realizations disturb the innocent, the simplistic, who fail to comprehend the undeniable fact that we all live in a fantasy of our own manufacture, self-choosing. Such a factuality is obvious to the honest. the tuned in, those individuals who recognize the tendrils of their own web of deceit, the skein emanating from the essence of their being.

Humans are remarkable adept story tellers, creators of fictions presenting themselves as heroes, villains, or mere pawns in the grips of more conniving players. We look back at legends, myths, and marvel at the complexities, absurdities our ancestors swallowed wholesale, but then quite unapologetically add our own small creations to the great compendium of prevarication.

The great counter weight is of course that we only believe or swallow, inwardly digest, the facts, suggestions, insinuations we are inclined to go along with for purely personal motives. The connection between our singularly aligned view of reality and the cold, hard, indisputable true nature of any circumstance, is decidedly abstract, coincidental, a product of serendipity.  

My position is ever, ‘I hear what you say, and graciously accept your version of events and the outcomes but will be obliged to draw my own conclusions when able to digest the evidence at leisure’. My expression and demeaner will be fully acquiescent, but my mind will remain entirely open till like a jackal I have the time and opportunity to pick over the bones to my full content.

In effect we lie when being agreeable, avoiding the unpleasantries that arrive through disagreement, the need to counter point with reasoned arguments, having to unfurl out own odd notions atop a flagpole for others to denigrate unmercilessly. Affirmation becomes a very effective method of conflict avoidance, and quite suitably the major tool in any nation’s diplomatic corps arsenal.

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