11th April 2022

The one unfortunate with being down the rabbit hole, existing in the world of Wonderland, where motives and purposes are plain and clear to all and no one pretends to be anything or anyone but whom they exactly are, is that such a place only can exists in the minds of children and slightly touched authors. In reality our world is populated, dominated, with persons quite opposite to inhabitants of that most illustrious state, whom will do anything but show their true colors, beliefs, motivations, for fear that such a blatancy will attract derision, excommunication, inconsequence.

We, like Alice Liddell, are happy to interact with the White Rabbit, Red Queen, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dutchess, White Knight, and of course the myriad of playing cards inclined to follow their superiors without the slightest compunction. Unfortunately, we cannot escape with our heroine at sundown on a punt on the waters of the Isis, later to settle into peaceful repose under the spires of Oxford. We are obliged sadly to deal with the obliqueness that surrounds us in constancy. Most disillusioning.

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