9th April 2022

With a quite surprising degree of frequency my mind, imagination, contemplations, turn towards the subject of the afterlife. Not in a particularly religious way, but more abstractly, trying with a degree of honesty and open-mindedness to imagine exactly what form that most mysterious of possibilities might entail.

I have never doubted the existence of some form of continuance, for all things do go on, whether in a from we recognize or simply as fertilizer and growing compound for another species entirely.  My own preference would be for some kind of spiritual reconnection, a chance to further enjoy the company of those joyous creations we have been blessed to know in our current existence. Friends, mentors, family, pets, moments, all manner of beasts and happenstances that joined together would produce the most perfect moment imaginable, a bleep in time and space worthy of inhabiting for eternity.

If my religious faith has one identifiable basis it is in the promise of that one most delicious, delightful, completing, finality.

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