8th April 2022

I continue my spring-cleaning quite dementedly, putting aside an hour or so each day to accomplish a previously well-defined segment. I am a great believer in allowing self-congratulation to manifest at every opportunity, and I bestow that reward upon myself with the same diligence as to anyone else.

Today found me dusting and removing cobwebs from the Japanese and cutlery portion of my collection, including my rather magnificent, mounted samurai doll, wakizashi, and various European style daggers. Each item tends to have a singular tale attached to either acquisition or purpose, some of particular satisfaction, others tinged with glumness. The resulting cleanliness is pleasing, I am inclined to prefer a pleasant appearance to slovenliness. The very tradition of this annual endeavor feeds my overall wellbeing, victories and accomplishments are few and far between in these rather disillusioned times. New beginnings is a most noble sentiment that I try to foster magnanimously,

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