6th April 2022

It rained today, heavily! In two and three hour splurges that made the window panes ring with the ferocity of their beating. The downpours were intermingled with sunny splashes, brightening the otherwise dowdy skies quite beautifully. All the time the wind was most active, swirling around in a seemingly confused fashion, not sure exactly what direction, or force to blow, but making a presence anyhew.

In autumn or winter this combination of elements would be depressing, a forewarning of bitter unpleasant days to come. In early spring however these signs serve an entirely different purpose, a reminder that most desirous days are but a few weeks away, that renewal is afoot, growth is shooting forth beneath our very eyes, the world is breathing easier and stretching her limbs wide after many harsh and dispiriting months.

Happenings, like the augury of woodchucks might indicate delay, but change will surely burst forth with splendiferous impact in but a slightly belated fashion. Be patient and faithful to the promise of tomorrow.

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