5th April 2022

My entourage of intimate friends has never been particularly large. A probably subconscious but assuredly definite choice that had continued throughout my adult life.

The saying doth state that we should keep our friends close and enemies closer, which seems to imply that many of my closest confidents have in reality been foes, whose oppositions I sought to control and mitigate through familiarity. Considered abstractly, I perceive a clarity in that interpretation, preferring individual relationships to unwieldy networks fostering ancillary alliances and sub sets.

My present gang of friends consists of four unique individuals, each with characteristics I deem singularly attractive. None are friends with the others, a fact I find remarkably comforting, allowing me to wear whichever guise suits that specific relationship. I only ever have friends of the female persuasion, that is my preference, and has been so since my teens. The reasoning if fundamental about comfort, Men whom I find attractive disturb my tranquility in multiple ways.

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