4th April 2022

Some descriptors, like tailored suits and well-made coffins, apply most admirably. Similarly to the somewhat obtuse Dewey system they allow an individual to be categorized, hopefully through unambiguous self-critique, for eternal shelf storage within a compendium of life and everything.

Lechery is a wonderful archaic term, smacking as it do of dastardly deeds perpetrated by formally dressed mustachioed devils, in most amusing and instructive but sadly outdated black and white silent movies. Most heartwarmingly the devilish deeds invariably flounder just before the heroine is squished by a train speeding quite inexplicably towards some forsaken station at the far end of the sound stage.  Any slight reek of lasciviousness or rakishness does not disturb me one jot, indeed rather like with a clove of garlic and a dash of cream, their addition to a stock converts unimpressive jeux to a wondrously full-bodied soup.

Another word I find quite convenient to wear as all excusing armor is pedantist. I spend much time and effort supporting the wholly reasonable conclusion that an idea, belief, consideration, with a specific meaning should be able to proudly wear the label without embarrassment or the need for excuses, subterfuge, or elucidating explanation. To quote Douglas Adams, ’If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility … …’.

Inveterate suits me well enough. Not meaning unapologetic, for I am assuredly sorry for many of the clusters I have caused, nor in the least innocent, a degree of libertinism do decidedly accompany my primary admission of unchasteness.  I conceive no particular necessity to change, amend, my long-established principles, well founded conclusions, without a preponderance of new evidence I can sift minutely for surreptitious ambiguities.

I share with my father a catalogue of suppositions, principles, expectations. Almost none are similar in exactitude, but quite likely many are analogous, a distinction and association quite telling, much to do undoubtably with those three great anchors of Britishness, majesty, realm, and faith.

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