29th March 2020

I am not a particularly good watcher, in precise detail anyways. Observing, contemplating a purpose or design had never been my downfall, I will quite happily follow a laborer in their purpose, enjoy the completion of their undertaking, marvel at the knowledge and perspicacity the outcome doth show.

My weakness is detail, following exacting process, the building blocks that added together produce a required consequence. I tend to phase in and out, take note of what seems important or of particular interest to me, but not necessarily each and every often-monotonous exactitude. I have always been a great believer in expertise, in utilizing and trusting those who have shown a capacity to fulfill functions, through qualification, practice or deep unquestionable understanding. Those we used to call tradespeople and were delighted to employ and thereafter reward with just deserves for a task well accomplished.

I happily admit I have no great interest in why an electrical switch works, I simply expect the power to be available for lighting or whatever purpose as and when I wish it to be. Such amenities I have come to consider a base requirement of modern existence. If such a dynamic fails I call an expert, proven and trusted. Unfortunately, a lack of well-versed specialists tends to be a most irritating limitation in today’s kingdom of generality, where knowing enough to knock out a rough tune on a fiddle is considered sufficient to be called a master violinist.

Within my wheelhouse I do have certain skills, inclusive of some that can be discussed in polite company. I also readily admit quite blissfully to my shortcomings, most everything I find tedious and uninspiring. Nowadays my main thrust is all things literary, or theatrical. Manual matters are well beyond my increasingly limited dexterity, patience, and persuasion, a situance I find most satisfactory.

I am as my dearest friend often remarks a natural aristocrat, happy to request, observe and reward, but never, heaven forbid, participate. I have, thanks be, clean hands and nice nails. A most satisfactory situation.

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