28th March 2022

I have a particular affinity for goth make up and clothing, The obvious assumption is that this mirrors my liking for the literature, art, ethics of the late Victorian movement, led most famously by Lord Byron and cronies. Gothic stylization has of course a different meaning when related to architecture, which includes such grandiose elements as flying buttresses, ribbed vaulting, embellished facades, intricate detail. Both types are in their particular way stark, striking, ornate whilst simultaneously plain and simplistic, enforcing the eyes to marvel at their mysterious nature, the innumerable variances made possible through a base uniformity.

The concept of beauty doth change, but a common thread can be perceived snaking from the stone carved figures of ancient Egypt to the characterizations seen in twenty first century anime. Opposition is a most pleasing component, the darkness of shadows in chisel work, black highlighter upon a pale and otherwise emotionless visage, a carved rendition of Nefertiti, or a monochrome depiction of Cruella de Ville.

The use of colors in cremes, glosses and powders for beautification always smacks for me of the theatrical, most pleasing and believable when distanced, from the auditorium seating to the stage, but close up overly complex, daubed, bordering on concealing, harlequinesque. The simplicity of dual colors, cleverly shaded betwixt, is entirely more satisfying, highlighting, emphasizing, alluring.  

We are of course particularly fortunate in these modern times to enjoy the luxury of adequate water, cleansing lotions, moisturizing soaps, to clean, clarify and protect bare skin exposed to the atmosphere, which in itself is far less toxic and destructive than once was. Mister and particularly Missus Average are able to enjoy an ease of cleanliness previously unavailable to any in society but the most protected and wealthy.

The necessary use of camouflaging powders to produce rosy cheeks and diaphanous necks and foreheads has thankfully passed into antiquity.

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