27th March 2022

I might at first read seem a little out of salts, balanced on the very edge of a ledge that threatens a cataclysmic fall to who knows what or where. In reality I am quite together, calm, laid back. Disappointed most certainly, but are we not all continually thus to some degree or other? Depression has always been a permanent resident in my mansion, threatening to leave his poorly furnished room and stalk me at each and every opportunity. He and I are old adversaries, having been a round or two on more than one occasion. Neither of us really being victorious, rather agreeing to disagree in most every circumstance.

Blue is a most acceptable color, I always have chosen to abide surrounded by the azure sea, as if constantly tempting the waves to rise momentarily, and engulf me for my temerity.

Happiness is not the natural state for a human, rather ambivalence tends to be the regulation, spending day after day not really bothered to lean in one direction or another. Emotional wealth is to easily depleted, should never be consistently frittered away for little to no purpose or gain. Better to save the bulk for only important moments and instead generally exist blandly, safely. Treasure vaults thus remaining overflowing, nicely prepared should a true emergency present. 

Outwardly displaying a lack of heartfelt emotions is a quite reasonable state to endeavor towards. Leaving a visible trail of blood and guts to mark a journey is never attractive or advantageous. Renowned globally as the British stiff upper lip such deportment has exemplified the most acceptable and politic of behaviors. Whether for conniving purposes, to show an obvious layer of diplomatic intent, or simply to flatter and inveigle, facelessness is a most appropriate recourse. Insipidness, vapidity, is a most easily accomplished and continued state of being, an air of complete innocence for effects or continuances shielding the thus opaque from any danger of blame or accusation. Neutrality is a most convenient defense from almost anything, placing the drab and pallid in a position of casual onlooker rather than involved party. An innocent amid the guilty

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