26th March 2022

If by some strange chance you found yourself transformed into an answer, where would you travel on God’s green earth to avoid the necessity, the odorous duty to answer a very decidedly glowering question? Where else but a mansion inhabited completely by those whom already possess all necessary responses. Not gathered by the accumulation of knowledge, which might be wholly possible in a castle entirely housing geniuses, but such intellectual facilities are sadly lacking in the everyday fabric of society. Instead take your self to a less distinguished place, somewhere the inhabitants consider themselves fully versed in all matters, simply by possession of sufficient self-confidence to ensure no doubts can ever settle comfortably within their smug postulations.

Such unfortunate placed do exist, in abundance. Within the confines of the abodes of bigots, elitists, political extremists, rampant followers of consumerism, religious dogmatists, indeed all group that hold their positions more cardinal than both morality and  ethics, And they exist most plentifully.

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