25th March 2022

It is all too easy to admire words, particularly when they are connected together in a way that inspires thoughts and images that expand our dreams, visions, and ambitions. Wisdom is often illusory, really representing nothing more than a uniquely original perspective, an idea that opens whole new picture windows presenting ever expanding and possibilities to entice our conceptual and emotional senses.

Fiction is a prime source of such fodder for the mind, creating, elucidating, new and previously overlooked streams of images to feed imagination and stimulate inspiration. From the authors pen drip the future intents of innumerable readers, certain that their path and that of the hero or villain they follow with such avid attention coexist in some as yet unlived passage of time.

There is no shame in wishing to follow, to mirror the activities of an imaginary character, to partake of the same fruits their tale so deliciously describes. The error is to fail to consider, to ignore, the consequences that the final twist often does describe.

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