24th March 2022

I am blessed with friends whom care for my wellbeing, my comfort, and my competence. My health is adequate, perhaps not as excellent as has been, these latter years of tribulation have taken their toll through inactivity and quarantine. I was previous to the great pandemic an adequate practitioner of singularity, finding a deal of solace in isolation, a great peacefulness in solitude. My life had ever been frenetic, filled with activity, enough boisterousness and joviality to fill my coffers to overflowing. ‘Twas time to recede, to step back into the shadows and watch, listen, enjoy surreptitiously rather that participatorily. The enforced social distancing changed my outlook assuredly, I quickly appreciated I was not yet ready to be the morose hermit, the outcast, a maroon.  

Dear friends, particularly those within easy reach, ensure I am never completely alone, for in seclusion we quickly wither from lack of contact. A familiar face masked or open, a kind word, muffled or clear, the simplest greeting will enliven the most depressing of moods and validate intellectual competence.

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