23rd March 2022

My attitude towards. considerations about people who have passed beyond this mortal coil has changed consistently over the years. I now simply divide all those past into two groups, those I knew intimately, met, talked to, shared breath with, and those whom are figments of mine and other imaginations, based upon rumor, hearsay, legend, opinion, histories written and repeated: anything but firsthand personal experience. I make this distinction no matter any connection with the soul in question, dealing with deceased forebears and relatives in the same exact way as departed strangers.

My reasoning is simple. Those persons I have physically touched, experienced, are contained in mine own memories, their words, deeds, attitudes, reality, can be replayed in mine own head, as near exactly as can be accurately recalled. All others I see through another’s viewpoint, their deeds filtered by secondary judgements, conceptions, speculations.

Boar like I am inclined to put more stead in mine own conclusions than anyone else’s.

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