14th March 2022

The remarkable properties and effects of pumice stone, spewed suddenly from the depths of Hades itself, cooled and diluted by the effects of contact with the purest water, a most improbable treasure for the joy and beautification of man and womankind equally.

Exfoliating, smoothing, abrasive but soothing, this light colored vesicular roughhewn glass has since the times of the ancient Greeks scrubbed skin, producing a smooth, soft. shiny, pleasing   to the touch texture upon the surface.

How did the knowledge of the wondrous properties of this miraculous substance come about? Did some bored and rather lackadaisical shepherd boy, supposedly watching his masters goats on the high slopes beneath the shadow of Olympus, casually rub a stray sodden lump of porous rock upon his itchy dry skin and find sudden glorious relief? Quite entertainingly the lightly colored pumice offers relief, the dark almost black scoria, a most opposite effect. Light good, dark bad, how magically appropriate.

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