13th March 2022

Rumor has it that a degree of normality is settling over the world outside of my small cottage, that unmasked smiles will be plainly visible in all manner of places large and small. Admittedly we have reached this mark on the road to recovery before and were obliged to retreat by a sudden upsurge of new infections, but surely the reoccurring setbacks must eventually end.

Tomorrow I am due to visit my local town and am already wondering exactly how the residents and visitors will be reacting, acting, handling the change to this almost forgot freedom of expression. To be sure I will have a mask handy in my pocket in case some establishments ae still requiring their use, as I am sure is their individual prerogative.

I do fear a counter reaction, that any lessons learned will be jettisoned utterly, and rather than taking a considered approach overzealous crowding, hugging, will all but ensure a spike in new cases, and even a tiny upturn will spell reversal to all the advantages gained painfully over the many  months of enforced behavior.

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