12th March 2022

May I present to you the loudest, most persistent, unquenchable portion of any crowd, the proudly raucous and destructive opposition. No matter the subject up for debate, how much of a ‘no brainer’, they will still be present, stridently berating all others, upholding their complete disagreement, however outlandish, with firm unmoving words designed to simply reflect the ridicule their position garners back in the face of the better-behaved, more reasonable majority.

Was a time such behavior was recognized as simply disruptive, marginalizing, even diagnostic as being clinically unsocial if not insane, but the arrival of newly over empowered states of physical and intellectual freedoms has allowed such fringe activities to flourish not only safely, unrestrictedly, but with more security that the democratic majority is even allowed to enjoy.

Minority protectionism is a vital component of any society, particularly in regard to culture and tradition, but the advancement of ignorance and make-believe in opposition to truth and scientific fact are most disputative.

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