10th March 2022

I do dislike feeling physically tired for no apparent reason. True, I take far less exercise that I should, am inclined to look at a comfy chair as a great place for a few hours amusement rather than a picturesque walking trail, and probably am inclined to participate in creamy kitchen adventures far more than I should.

Even so, tis most irritating to have painful calves and ankles for no good reason, and to feel exhausted by the short stroll to the postal delivery box and back. The solution is simplicity itself, continual increasing daily amounts of exercise, fair weather, or foul. My mind is incredibly willing to participate, but my toes shy away from the practical shoes necessary for such endeavors.

This last winter was particularly dismal, but in all honesty, I really lost the plot the autumn and summer previous, which both were as climatically welcoming as any of the previous few years. So, three fourths of a year piling on the pounds, and easing off of any karmic pursuits, A sad tale but one I am sure familiar to many another.

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