9th March 2022

Pointing to the rising behemoth in the east, the honest soul expounds with great fervency.

“Please do recall that those heaving masses you now so casually dismiss as confounded fools led by monsters and ignoramuses, were once those sainted individuals that suddenly with great purpose rose en masse from being but a powerless slew of the ignored and besmirched, to overthrow that ancient evil, usury, in the hope of mankind escaping the yolk of continuous servitude forever.”   

“No, no, no”, the citizenry do cry.  “Do not repeat such untruth and fallacy, for ‘tis most surely the spouting’s of that snake named proven history, and as we all know and are well taught that dreaded slithering beast simply repeats and fortifies the unfortunate truth that all we believe, hold dear, uphold so fervently, is evil, and the very cause of much of the continued suffering in this universe.”

That honest soul, abjured, recognizing that even the purest gospel has no defense against well doctored and delivered fabrication.

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