8th March 2022

Springtime is peeping around the corner, so traditionally is upon us the times of the great name changes, when all manner of folk decide to do away with their given names or older adopted aliases and boldly proclaim a new designation to the surrounding island at minimum, and for the really serious to the governments county, state and federal, a much more serious and prolonged affair.

Name changes should only serve two purposes, to distance a person from their immediate family for fear of unfortunate connection or compromise, or to instigate a nickname, a sort of legend that when emblazoned under a portrait paints a picture than color and shape could never manage. I have most happily taken full advantage of both these reasoning’s, although my nickname has in large measure departed into the dust ridden annals of past adventures.

The need for yearly, or decadal reimagining’s begs the question if the soul in the flesh ridden form truly has a distinctive personality to proclaim? Personally I have exceeding difficulty remembering one version of an individual’s title, but multiple choices do seem a most complicated consideration.

I am inclined to question the wisdom of altering such a vital component of identity during this most changeable of seasons, when possibilities, weather, environmental fluidity should make a person most unsettled and less able to fix upon a long-term proposition. I would think the autumn winter divide a much better period for transforming, little likely to occur to take away fro the new personas triumphal announcement.

And why is the new name never Joan Smith or Peter Purvis, good steady names easy to own and live up to, rather than Rainbow Hiccups, or Tulip Tricolor, distinctive monikers yes, but really, the realization that absurdity do start from the base and increases exponentially should not be a fact too hard for most to understand.

Without a doubt half of the new styles will produce in me the question why, but that mystery will warm the cockles of my heart over many an otherwise plain and uninteresting bowl of gruel.

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