6th March 2022

And so the times of tribulation begin. The stirrings have arisen within the very core of the people, the sctatching sound of individuals climbing hand over hand to once again surface into public view from the depths where they have by state command been obliged to remain hidden away. The desire for community is deeply scored into our souls, the need for freedom of movement without constraint or limit, the want to touch, hold, embrace, unflinchingly, unfettered, unafraid of consequence.  

Are you prepared to venture forth, with a clear mind and unconcerned heart, quite certain that friends, family, neighbors, and strangers will do all they can to continue to protect you and yours wellbeing? We all will be relying but upon others good intentions, hoping that our health will be secure in the hands of others.

Trust becomes the only true protection, the certainly of all our human brothers and sisters considering our safety as we are obliged by good fellowship to contemplate theirs.

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