5th March 2022

‘Tis most important to look into the mirror and see in the reflection the person you wish to be. No matter the outward appearance, such transitory effects can be endlessly manipulated, there recognizably, introvertedly, should be the character, the intellectual and spiritual being, that irrevocably shines forth from within, lighting the path forwards to your perfect incarnation.

Too easily we are swayed to hide our truth for fear of criticism, contradiction, ridicule, disguise the pure inner beauty, for truth is undeniably majestic, to promote an image more acquiescent or socially acceptable. The naturally flamboyant parody drudgery, the conservative employ a touch of glamor to lighten an otherwise overriding dowdy effect.

Look to your motivations, the stimulus that drive you to feel internally compete and unburdened. Reflect those determinations in expression and appearance, showing a completeness inside and out, undiluted, unfiltered, unhesitatingly, and unashamedly honest.

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