4th March 2022

I have some disappointing, some may say bewildering news for you all, sorcery, magic, the supernatural, is not real, cannot mend all ills, resolve all issues, be the solution to the worlds shortcomings.

There are those who make those fallacies seem existent, these are conjurers, charlatans, tricksters, playing upon the depths of their fellow humans’ gullibility. Of course, unexplainable events sometimes occur, ‘tis the nature of chance. Whatever might happen, can and will happen, in the fullness of time and space.

Belief in the wonders of necromancy is instilled into us as children, in the way of rhymes, tales and stories illustrating their possibility. These are of course simply moralist lessons to help the formation of a sense of imagination and reason, not hard and fast facts to be carried beyond childhood to adolescence, even to adulthood. Mankind’s intelligence and education has enlarged, and with it should come a capacity to tell truth from fable. Unfortunately, in many the legend holds more worth than reality.

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