3rd March 2022

Since time immemorial parents, guardians, nannies, have recanted the tale of Snow White. A magnificent moralist legend whose narrative relays any number of important lessons about right and wrong to every new generation in turn. True love cures and overcomes all ills, in the worst of circumstances that kindness will eventually prevail, a true and brave prince overlooks every maiden’s wellbeing, in all walks of life, from the lowest to the exceeding high, there exist those whom will do all measure of wrong to attain and keep power and influence.

A lesson most important but oft forgot is that of the poison apple, perhaps the most sinister object in all the many nursey accounts repeated. A tempting fruit, the very essence of joy and deliciousness, rosy, ripe, the product of a trusted and beloved tree, laced with a poison of such viciousness and immediacy to quash all but the merest life from that most innocent and virginal of souls, the unfortunate Princess Snow White. The narrative but mentions one apple, but sense suggests that every single issue of that tree was defiled, besmirched, whilst in the process of committing such an unholy plot.

The apple tree at this moment suddenly takes on the easily recognizable characteristics of the Tree of Life, of Genesis fame, the longstanding core of many a moralistic forewarning epic.

No explanatory addendum is ever made about this blighted perennial, which we assume must have eventually withered away from the overriding effects of the Step Queens evil actions, or perhaps even to this day exist in a mythological orchard were inattentive and slightly peckish princesses might quite accidentally find themselves slipping into an induced deep sleep.

The poisoned tree has taken on a personality all of its own, in scenarios where an one can quite easily come in contact with the contaminated issue, and suffer most heinously, damage physical, phycological, moral, political, financial. The ultimate representation of humanities deepest fear. To be undone by the cunning and conniving of another humans malice and bad intentions.

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