1st March 2022

Obsession is a wonderous excuse to keep returning to matters and situations that are most decidedly unfavorable to pursue. Not that we particularly need a good reason to continual bashing our head against a solid wall, stupidity comes with all the other weaknesses that invest the human phyche.

Passion is a good thing, we all need imperatives to follow, whether emotional or intellectual. Naturally, the idée fixe must be balanced with self-control, or any compulsion can easily counterpose any mental stability we attempt to convey.

Infatuation is a positive way of describing clinical fixation, an inability to see fault in a subject dear to the heart. Childhood crushes are perfect examples of adoration, not necessarily with an overtly sexual ingredient. Often but the most innocent of fascinations.

As adults we are inclined to hide our very specific foibles, for fear they will open us to ridicule. A moment spent making an honest listing of our own weaknesses can be a most illuminating project.

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