28th February 2022

So we bravely drag ourselves to the last day of February, preparing to wave farewell to a month to often layered with poignancy, like some demonic devil food cake. In preparedness March winds arrived a little prematurely, stirring what fallen leaves remain after the freezing mash of too many days of heavy snow.

Thankfully, myself and my immediate family, friends and acquaintances remain healthy, having avoided the creeping plague that threatens all equally, a positive I take to indicate that our inclusive group have taken all those necessary precautions globally agreed to protect ourselves and our neighbors. Such measures are but a small inconvenience to pay for continued vigor.

Having accepted that post COVID will be an entirely changed age, with the necessity for continued alterations in the manner and vagaries of human behavior, I am excited to see what this new future might hold.

The start might not appear to be too bright, with localized but possible global conflict raising its ugly head, but strife and acrimony are as much a part of human nature as care and consideration, so must be accepted as just the negative side of the coin eternally flipped by the restless fingers of fate. Take but a moment to consider how many terrible conflicts we have all survived in our lifetimes, that number doth seem to never dissipate, no matter the good intentions or feelings of the majority. There are ever flies hovering over the ointment, the possibility that the finest cream might curdle unexpectedly.

Humanities great strength, our one and only salvation, is the capacity to endure, to continue, to overcome all obstacles set before our species, even those of foolish self-manufacture. If split from nape to toe every member of our kind would reveal a vein emblazoned resilience.

By all that is logical I should be pessimistic, despondent, lugubrious about tomorrow, the weight of gloom dispelling the remaining air from my lungs like some medieval pressing. But strangely I am chipper, effervescent, assured that all will come out in the wash.

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