27th February 2022

The law of diminishing returns states simply and somewhat starkly that the yield derived from investments will over time lessen despite continued expenditure of labor or capital. An onerous truth in the realm of economics, and equally galling in all other speculative spheres.

I have become quite restrained in my activities, retiring entirely from participatory encounters, perhaps relying too much for future succor upon my earnest past investments in individuals and groups. The eighty twenty adage eternally surfaces to confound and disappoint. Simply stated four fifths of any positive incoming results will come from but one fifth of any initial investment. One fifth will simply fail to germinate, three fifths of the remaining yield will dissipate continually and irrevocably after their initial success.

Agriculturally and economically this precept foreshadows eventual starvation, blight, and ruination. Societally the assurance of loneliness and abandonment. Tis a cruel unrelenting prognostication.

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