25th February 2022

Today is the anniversary of my birth, not a great celebration in world history, but of sufficient import to me to make the day quite memorable. My celebrations tend towards the staid, a reflection of my lifestyle I suppose. Excitement comes very easily to those whose normal pace is singularly conventional, extraordinary energies and revelations do become increasingly tiresome over multiple decades.

Traditionally my observance might take me to taste an exotic cup of coffee, something more delicious than my usual instant granules, not that my usual fare is at all unwelcome. Beverages serve a vital purpose, to hydrate, a necessary function in human existence. The important element is aqua, water, Adams ale, the manner of its consumption really is just arbitrary.  To this extent I am a Philistine, coffee is coffee, tea is tea, I can tell good from poor, but I do parch myself in search of the supreme blends.

The ticking over of another year is strangely satisfying, as is a cup of tea or coffee, quality is less important than continued accessibility.

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