22nd February 2022

In a world that craves originality we are constantly surrounded by predictability, the certainly of continuing repetitive patterns of erroneous behaviors is disappointing to all. The universe has settled into an unfortunate rut, the wheel on the cart stuck in some outdated tram lines leading anywhere but the direction sensibility directs. The same voices spouting similar foolishness’s, louder and more insistently, as if volume makes the idiotic ramblings of fools any more sensible or acceptable.

Was that the blight was merely superficial, but it do seem that the very roots of our civilization are as infected as the stunted growth so clearly exposed. When the base is diseased no good can ever come from the growth, not even the most remote bud. The only realistic solution would seem to be to obliterate all that once was good and is now spoilt, replanting assuredly pure seed into freshly tilled and cleansed soil.

A physical and spiritual renewal, a regeneration of originality, purposefulness, with kindness and consideration for all.   

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