17th February 2022

Have you ever take a moment from your decidedly exhaustive schedule to consider whom was instrumental in the development of you character, shaping your temperament, directing, and motivating your actions?  We are all fond of imagining that like assured mariners we steer our own vessel through the perilous waters of existence, but of course we do not, our every course is predetermined by the guiding strictures set reef like within our subconscious.

Most responders are inclined to suggest the obvious, parents, guardians, educators, persons of some ethical or moralistic import. All these are splendid answers but rather superficial and facile. Reactions are inclined to reflect the positive, predictably and understandably, but never broach the darker less acceptable influences that leave permanent hostile scars upon our psyche.  

Our inner guidelines are a mishmash of all experiences, excellent, negligible, and destructive. Our souls reflect exactly that mix in all its glory and ugliness.

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