16th February 2022

I lean towards the parochial. Consider my island home remote enough from the mainland to be untouched by the attractive conventions applicable in larger environs, urban or rural. Our pace of life would correctly be described as a step or two slower, urgency is a matter of choice rather than imperative, our crowds are but a small group by any standard except our very own.

By nature I am extremely pedantic about appointments, arrangements, commitments, finding myself unable to miss or cancel such obligations unless actually staring into the gates of hell itself. Islanders tend towards an attitude that could be described as more san fairy ann, an English corruption of the French phrase Ça ne fait rien, meaning in essence I really do not care. I totally understand small community culture, I was raised in a parish of perhaps two hundred people, but that tiny hamlet was withing twenty-two miles of a city with tens of millions of inhabitants.

Attitudes under any circumstances need to be carefully balanced, unswervingly realistic, exhibiting the highest of personal integrities.

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