15th February 2022

I am surrounded on every side by false premise and purposeful prevarication, intent on avoiding, ignoring, distracting, the most harmless requests and innocent expectations. Truth has become a concept to be circumvented at all costs, fear of enforced commitment ensuring that nothing should be scheduled, promised, or even dimly arranged. The universe is becoming transitory, subject to constant flux,. Abstraction rules, resisting logic or definite purpose.

We stand on the doorstep of a new dark age, abandoning science and learning for rumor and arbitrary beliefs. Was a moment that independent thought was pioneering, progressive, groundbreaking, but progressing irrationality, and false self-assurance, has driven the less well-founded intellects off kilter, making them befuddled, stupefied, dumfounded.

An independent idea is more likely bogus than inspired. Intellectual consensus remains the most trustworthy indicator of correctness.

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