13th February 2022

Life, like good fiction, needs some surprises to make it truly entertaining. A few twists and turns to shake things up, maybe the occasional tight corner needing a touch on the brakes and then some superb acceleration to make full use of the coming straightaway.

Enough motor sport metaphors, vehicle racing is far too dependent on auxiliary power to give a true parallel. Real life totally relies on the driver alone for resolutions to problems, no matter what size engine you have under your hood, control and skill are what gets you to any conclusion.

If an author gets too clever stories rapidly muddy, become difficult to follow and even harder to disentangle. The trick is to create enough questions to keep the mind churning but not so many to make progress towards the result cease. Existence is fully the same hopefully, amusing, enthralling, exciting scary, rewarding, satisfying and every other pronoun imaginable.

Perhaps not a full-on circuit of Le Mans, more like a somewhat testing bumper car ride.

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