12th February 2022

So what exactly is the attraction, the fascination, of social media. The experts are divided, uncertain, will suggest the process allows the busy, isolated. infirm, preoccupied individual to easily keep in touch, abreast of the circumstances surrounding friends, family, persons of interest. Myself I simply perceive it as a concise and momentarily available way to intrude upon peoples private and intimate moments. ‘Tis intrusiveness served up on a platter with all the necessary condiments in attendance.

Not as is often suggested modern invention, gossip sheets have been widely produced in towns and cities for as long as there have been localized press offices. The hourly changing fare would tend towards the sensational, the juicier the morsal the better, graphicness ensuring the rapid payment of the farthing or halfpenny the purchase of such a newssheet would demand.

Facebook and Twitter are less startling than say the Newgate Calendar, but the same principles apply. Other people’s business is ever exceeding entertaining and good value.

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