11th February 2022

Coincidences, commonalities are particularly fascinating, The way entirely differing cultures can share the same improbable beliefs, illogical habits, as if some universal thread runs through our species at a genetic level.

Quite unremarkably I was born left-handed, a wholly arbitrary happenstance from what I can deduce, lefties making up according to statistics approximately fifteen percent of the population. Far more intriguing are the multiplicate areas of speculation, postulation, rumor, extrapolation, globally circulated, believed, assumed about this haphazard circumstance.

The left is of course dark and devious, following as it do the Devils path, opposing righteousness at every opportunity, and those inclined to that persuasion are generally betrayed by their master, Masters, hand. All good and positive acts are partaken by the right hand, the left is simply a tool for less auspicious activities. Consider that truth in the restroom.

We greet each other by shaking the right hand, offering the left is considered highly suspicious and even threatening. Of course this is related to a weapon being worn upon the left hip, a practice that was universally enforced through military uniformity and physical training.  The implication to distrust anyone of the reverse or perhaps perverse practice was thereby codified.

When I first learned to write, with pen and ink I should add, I produced script in a perfect mirror image. This should have betrayed my cackhandedness, and probably did to educators all and sundry, but the practice was beaten out of me, as was from a multitude of other unfortunates, all in the search for conformity. In sports my oddity was actually promoted, for playing advantage, something I still considered to be consciously unscrupulous. Using differences for advantage is something that ever speaks to the elites amorality.

I am in my later years happily ambidextrous, being capable of ignoring the sanctimonious directives of oppressors. Has the use of the two-handed keyboard resolved the issue?

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