10th February 2022

A moment or two ago I was toying with one of my social media accounts, there are endless other verbs I might have chosen to describe my activities, perusing, investigating, updating, referencing, but toying do seem most appropriate. One of those apps designed to keep track of such activity advised it was the nine-year anniversary of my playing an intellectually unchallenging game, loosely based on the dungeons and dragons concept. But a small snapshot of my online existence but one that gave cause for me to monetarily consider the concise use of my time and the worthy way such fleeting treasure is invested.

Nine years, with a daily spent of perhaps thirty to firty five minutes. I am, as is well established a creature of inveterate habit once invested, so we are talking of a total in excess of three thousand, two hundred and eighty-five hours, or one hundred and thirty-seven complete days, that’s nineteen and a half weeks, a period of over five months.

Damnation I am such a temporally pressed fellow.

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