6th February 2022

Not a complaint, more an observation. On occasion, with ongoing automation, electronification, I am asked to present documents to various bodies in proof of my identity, and I suppose to validate that I am alive and kicking. Naturally the requesters make what they consider to be reasonable allowances for client ease and friendliness, but invariably such requests I meet with mounting frustration and ire.

The mere necessity to have to prove I am whom I am to an impersonal public institutions is distasteful. Having survived the vagaries of existence for seven decades do make such enquiries galling, rude and presumptuous, smacking of ghoulish purpose as most such requests revolve around ongoing superannuation’s.

Being of advanced years, seventy is still a considerable stretch for a human male, makes ones ability to perform what appears to the young to be quite simplistic administrative tasks, particularly those utilizing tools of recent invention and design, frustratingly problematic. I am obliged to remind adolescents, anyone under thirty is to me bordering upon the pubescent, that my first interactions with calculations involved purely mental arithmetic, advancing later to the use of the abacus, and memorized or printed tables. All form of calculator were mechanical, extremely pricey, and quite the amazing instruments to we primitive folk.

The time period from the early nineteen sixties through the nineteen seventies changed the world more extremely than the previous eight or nine centuries, a revolution beyond the comprehension of we whom lived through the turbulence, let alone those begat more recently.

Please do not tell me how easy it is to utilize an electronic cell phone for all kinds of ancillary uses, even with all the available intuitive apps and flashing lights. Believe me any such task in extremely technical for someone who still pines for the functionality of a mangle when contemplating laundry.

Anyways, enough of my remonstrating, the rules will not amend or bend for my convenience, but a show of discomfort at the oppression of the mighty is always deserved.

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