4th February 2022

With my hand upon my heart I can state quite emphatically that your beliefs have no interest to me whatsoever. I can equally confirm that if you have no inherent position that forms the basis for your actions and reactions to the world as a whole I would be quite terribly disappointed. Everyone should have an individual perspective, an established mantra that directs thoughts, comments, attitudes, interactions. The exact formulation is unimportant, but its existence is vital to any hope of any consensual agreement and societal continuance.

Please note that I am talking about an actual position, not simply an adaption of something you were taught, had ingrained, were told was the correct way, the only truth, the one indisputable line to happiness and personal completion. Such platitudes are banal, without direction, ensure any personal inclinations are but tattoos upon visible skin, without depth or integral meaning.

Civilization fell heavily upon our bestial species, took away much of our natural ability to survive through strength and ferociousness, made us dependent upon accoutrements outside out natural capacities, tools that imposed a power hierarchy, simply through the imposition of violence and fear. Civilization made mankind more dangerous, ensuring a continuous struggle to overcome, to attain superiority. Not just as the singular pride leader as with most other species, but as a complete social construct, from the ugly excesses of the powerful to the tragic despondency of the nigh invisible lowly.

Commonalities consistently begat clusters, groups of persons with similar circumstances and aspirations, combining together for support and advancement, and also to conflict with other similar units of differing persuasions. A set may have almost any connect imaginable, from the obvious like race, language, location, to the more illusionary, belief, perspective, motivation.

Danger will always arise when we allow an obvious similarity, no matter the seeming import, to overpower our natural divisions. No mass should find itself driven by an overwhelming proposition, rather than self-perpetuation and homogeny.

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