3rd February 2022

The most attractive of qualities is smartness, whilst stupidity is most certainly the least seductive. A smart man or woman, or any individual whom represents a position on the sliding scale between the two extremes, will immediately have my attention, my interest, my undivided scrutiny. The mind is the sexiest of organs, endlessly more entertaining than any phallus or cavity, a constant supplier of pleasure, intrigue, and that most delicious of stimulants, ambiguity.

That which cannot be easily pinpointed is endlessly tantalizing. For temptation beckons most alluringly from the shadows, coquettishness is wholly and unendingly bewitching. The most casual of glances can cause uncontrollable volcanic fire to belch unmistakably from a recipients overt response.

The human beings mating might be classed as furtive, for it tends to usually occur in concealed circumstances. But we make love constantly, flirt, preen, tease, cajole, seek to woo or impress unendingly, ‘tis the basis of most purposeful communication. Even at our most aggressive we physically role play, expressing our position as top, bottom or unconfirmed by the manner of our bearing and remonstrations.

Recognizing that most behaviors are sexual in nature clarify matters most conveniently. Accepting that all outcomes are about needs and desires, wants and deep-rooted inclinations simplifies matters to a choice between fruition or frustration, emotions so basic to our natural integrity that no doubts about true motivations will remain.

Life is a constant struggle, with its most fundamental impetus the need for procreation, reproduction, continuation. The same rules apply no matter sexuality, without any regard for moral or ethical considerations. We fail to mate successfully in sufficient quantities, and we become but one more extinct species in an ever-growing litany of worldly failures.

I understand people not wishing to suffer physical objectification, problem being ‘tis the basis of all interaction. The trick is to accept intellectual foreplay but avoid any physical evolution.

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