29th January 2022

The burning of wood as a form of heating is a most fascinating process. A curious, intellectually befuddling enterprise both destructive and constructive. A mechanism for creating a most desired side effect through an elemental outcome. Taking one complex natural creation and through   a process of ruination produce a differing entity with alternate, especial, and useful properties.

Is there any mystery that a primitive species, searching for comfort, purpose, ritual, and connection, gathered around a communal firepit, the blazing core of their society, to rest, recuperate, ponder, propagate, produce nourishment, dream dreams, and interlaced with all these necessities for continuation and growth encounter in the glistening embers magical forces capable of animating their slumbering souls.

The look, aroma, emotion of flaming timber is uniquely pinned, twined, to the heart of humanity. The endlessly flickering manifestation is a perpetual sobering reminder of the incalculable randomness of our beginnings and continuance.

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