24th January 2022

A constant that requires ever increasing fortitude is the strange anomaly of seeing illusions as reality, and far more disturbing feeling in my gut nauseously their actual presence. We all on occasion imagine shadows as solid objects, the flitting of a tiny fly as the foreboding movement of some much larger apparition, but these are mere optical suppositions, delusions given unnatural reign. The expositions I now describe have an actuality far deeper and more connected than such common and easily interpreted imaginings.

The most terrifying truth of such manifestations is that they step directly from our own subconscious, built in the total awareness of our most intimate fears end weaknesses, already set to mortify upon appearance, needing no introduction, no preceding roll of drums to compete their one task, the overwhelming instillation of utter fright.

‘Fear is the mind killer’, some holy sister did speak, but in actuality the mind is the fear manufacturer, user, unrepentant antagonist.

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