23rd January 2022

Humans beings are remarkably homogenous. In happenstances they pursue the memorable rather than the momentary, the highlight reel being beguiling to the average individual, similarly to a movie star, super criminal, or other egocentric. Being the center of attention, the focus of the spotlight is pointedly disadvantageous in multiplicitous ways, being a sore thumb, the cherry atop the icing, the bulls eye, opens an individual to constant scrutiny, piecemeal criticism, unrelenting judgement, onerous propositions that present day society through the auspices of social media make unnaturally desirable.

A twenty-first century Batman would desire no disguising costume, Superman would abandon his secret identity for stark obviousness. Fame, recognizability, engrandisment, become the whole crux of activity, blast the consequences, good or bad, any publicity is good publicity.

The secret donor has transmuted into Daddy Warbucks, brash, immoderate, crafty, with motivations downright questionable.

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