20th January 2022

And so to attempt a description, a tribute, an understanding if you will of one of the most important, vital, annealing constructs ever devised. The simplistic, practical, functional, easily repeatable, pillow fort.  

For those of you whom have never suffered the night agues, those terrible shivering sweats that descend upon a body amidst the first sleep of the night, oft between the witching hour and two in the morning, piercing REM sleep with the ease of a ghouls taloned fingertips, such a fortification against imaginings and apparitions will seem quite fanciful. But next time you awake mysteriously from slumber and flop hither and thither in your crib to find the exact position that releases the demons that keep you anchored in awakedness, conscious and fretting, recall this diatribe.

The keep may utilize pillow, bolster, hassock, squab, cushion, any functioning stuffed pad, suitably voluminous and not so out of place upon a bed to be eye catching, the necessity for privacy in our most vulnerable moments must always be kept at the forefront of consideration.

Personally I employ four pillows, fully encased. Two large, super-king I believe is the technical sizing, and two of the more moderate queen scale. These with my oversized continental style quilt allow me a completely surrounding covering, with suitable apertures for needed observation and advance warning of approaching peril. All these components are readily available in strange bedrooms, making the design easily repetitious upon journeys. And importantly not so peculiar as to raise qualms in any most welcome but previously unknown guest sharing the billet. We all have our chosen bastions, but the less compound is heartily recommended, unless of course easily included into forthcoming indulgencies.

I adopt my fabrication invariably, defending the two positions I employ in repose. My donjon allows for both, the one facing left, the other to the right, without the need for change, allowing ease of turn and resettling. Happily, my terrors are much abated due to this good practice.

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