17th January 2022

Have you ever noticed the worlds obsession with turning individuals into extreme caricatures of themselves? Not enough for someone to be adequate, viable, acceptable, middle of the road. No, by necessity they need to be superb, the best, the greatest, or alternatively, for we must be upfront and equal in all our fantasies, terrible, the worst, the least, extraordinary in their all capabilities and capacities, a planet populated by super heroes and super villains.

I enjoy the Marvel universe as much as the next soul, equally reveling in day dreams where delightfully perfect individuals, both wonderous and abominable, exist in actuality, not just as creations upon the comic book page or the animated or real-life theatric screen. Such fancies are a base element in childhood and pre adolescence, highlighting traits needed, in less vivacity obviously, for the human beast to be purposeful.

Adulthood marks the phase such teaching tools are successfully set aside, supposedly, an adjustment modern humanity has decided to delay unreservedly.

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