16th January 2022

Ripples upon a mill pond are immediately noticeable, interrupting the still surface with all manner of effects, always resulting from some objects interference. The human beast is a creatures of habit, defined behaviors, with a life that through regular patterns has become predictable, comfortable, relaxing. Disturbances are unsettling, meddlesome, forcing unwanted change, making the simplest of tasks worrisome, time and effort consuming, replacing predictability with discomfort.  Mere repetition of automatic activity being forcibly converted to an intellectual and physical challenge.

Civilization is a dangerous influence, it creates contentment, affluence, a feeling of well-being, an end to struggle and strife. Rather introducing a life of ease, comparative prosperity, removing the fears of imminent destruction, that the shadow of mortality is following close upon our heels.

When the worm turned we were unprepared, victims loosened in a garden of peril. Three years confined and we begin to emerge, transmuted, reacquainted with survival.

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