13th January 2022

I am a little angry, agitated, aggrieved. Wanting to comment upon a matter so delicate that my words would undoubtably rend the fragile fabric dividing civility from disquiet. To many a souls surprise I prefer to not be antagonistic, to prod those already in pain, sprinkle salt on a snails tail, my reactions are generally to swallow my thoughts and considerations before they escape like robust vultures, to pick the bones of unwary vocabulary left quite helpless on the curbside of unpropitious discussion.

Unfortunately, my less that suited persuasions do not dissipate, rather they are inclined to grow in voraciousness, consuming volumes of time and space in the quite pointless pursuit of clarity. For even quite well-rounded disagreeable statements are wholly unsavory to those of a delicate or easily discombobulated nature.

And so I compress the growing flow into a small inauspicious space, quite aware that the consequentially massing of perturbation will taint all other discourse by simple   proximity, and my blatantly unhealthy fixation.

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