12th January 2022

But a moment ago I was attempting to place a small comment upon a well-known social media site when I came upon a most galling situation. Quite irritatingly one of the references I was inclined to use, a name involved in current but foreign political and legal happenstances was quite impossible to include in the post, has effectively been removed from the lexicon, by some form of what I can only imagine was proactive censorship.

“This cannot stand,” was my immediate reaction, so I diligently went through every procedure I could imagine might alleviate the unfortunate circumstances. Nothing obliged. Doth seem my words were truly being redacted live as I typed live upon the app.

I eventually managed to circumvent the stop by amending my phraseology, making candid use of the problematic surname less necessary, but my chagrin was overflowing, my ire raised to boiling point. I seldom am obliged to witness the machinations of ‘Big Brother’, but that lack of interaction does not reduce my present irritation one jot.

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