11th January 2022

I am particularly inclined towards verbal pedantism, although my reason for the trait is not the most obvious, in fact quite the opposite. By nature I am inclined to be a smart ass, enjoying witticism, frippery, sarcasm, irony, punning, as much as is possible to imagine. Without exactitudes all those amusing but incredibly annoying arts come to absolutely nothing, ending as pointless asides thrown careless to the four winds with no actual craft whatsoever.

My mind conjures suitable responses, interjections, much more easily than proper replies or suitable rejoins, ‘tis just the way my specific brand of obtuse reasoning is wired, with an unusual, you might say inappropriate level of foolery plastered atop all other appurtenant returns. Some find the habit most annoying, mocking, insidiously patronizing, but no malice is particularly intended, indeed hurt is generally regretted and irritation lamented.

Too much pantomime at an impressionable age is my prime excuse, and a deep love of the intricacies and absurdities of language.

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