10th January 2022

Tragic and heartrending news this morning, the teenage son of one of my heroines has died wholly unexpectedly, and most lamentably by the action of their own hand. They do say that misery and sadness are rivers that flows down through families with the violence of a flooding Nile or Zambesi, reeking destructive force upon whatever and whoever they touch. I have always considered it doubly unfair that the sins and faults of the parents are laid so easily upon the shoulders of the offspring, wheedling most furtively into their impressionable hearts and souls before suitable protections can be set in place. Yet such appears to be the eternal case and curse.

Any of us who have truly lived and reached an age sufficient to harbor the fleet of   regrets and recriminations existence is inclined to heinously maintain within our protecting walls, must regret some of the activities that begat and thrawn those vessels. But living was always the purpose, not safety and sureness of passage, such considerations exist in hindsight, not the momentary..

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